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Am I loving well? Part 3: Forgiveness

No matter how many times I participate in a Q&A after a talk, if forgiveness was even mentioned, it gets the most attention in discussion afterward. Forgiveness is an understandable sticking point in our spiritual lives. Each of us has suffered from the decisions, actions, words and sins of others. To hear the stories breaks…[View Article]

Am I loving well? Part 2: Patience.

Today is Valentine’s day. Candy, cards, flowers and roses have been purchased and delivered to people all over the nation. Red and pink hearts will adorn many kitchen tables. Handmade cards will be made by the hands of little people. Special dinners will be enjoyed by candlelight. “All told, Americans are planning to spend roughly…[View Article]

Am I loving well? Part 1: The words we speak.

A few weeks ago I found myself listening to a conversation between people sharing this observation: people who don’t know Jesus yet can be loving too. In addition, it was stated that people who don’t know Jesus are often more loving than those who profess to be Christians. This is what Christ followers are supposed…[View Article]

Keep Personalized Convictions Personal

        If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them. (James 4:17) Sometimes God does something very personal in our heart and asks us to stop or start doing something that is not directly addressed in Scripture. Instead, it is a decision He has asked…[View Article]

One Secret to Remembering God’s Goodness

Years ago, in my early twenties, I bought my first new car. I remember feeling all grown up one day while gathering my things to go visit friends just a few miles away. I remember taking great care with my appearance and feeling very in control as I got behind the wheel of my spotlessly…[View Article]