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The Lord’s Prayer: Part 1

  A few months ago, I listened to Crawford Loritts give a series of sermons on the Lord’s Prayer as recorded in Matthew 6:9-13 where Jesus provides His disciples with an example about how to pray. I will not be regurgitating my notes. Nor will I be citing Crawford in this post because I am not…[View Article]

Six reasons why I go to church

My son asked me this past Sunday morning, “Mom, are we going to church?” “Yes, son, our family goes to church.” This post isn’t about a set of rules and regulations. Over the years, I have missed church. I have called some family “pajama days” on a Sunday when our family needed a day off from…[View Article]

Why my last post matters

Today our conversation about glorified bodies concludes. It’s been a nice conversation, don’t you think? I wrote, you questioned. I wrote, you questioned again. Today I respond for the final time.  The Bible warns us to avoid conversations that promote controversies rather than God’s work (such as I Timothy 1:4-7).  Our dialogue has been God-honoring and…[View Article]

Glorified bodies…our first conversation

When I started this website and began to blog, I was most excited about having a conversation with my readers. I have agonized over my upcoming book because once it is published, it can’t be changed. I am a bit distressed that my thoughts will be freeze-framed in time. I will grow as a person…[View Article]

Learning about the Resurrection from a little boy’s devotional….

Sometimes God surprises us with revelations from surprising sources. My young son and I read from his age-appropriate devotional most mornings before school. Recently, he graduated to a new one. Two weeks ago we curled up to enjoy Devotion #3, “Jesus’ Powerful Resurrection.” Here’s where I need to explain that I grew up in Christianity…[View Article]