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Summer Prayers: Lord, protect my children!

This week I listened to a group of mothers discuss their rules and guidelines about sleepovers for their children. Threaded through the conversation was the responsibility we all have to protect our children. Since then, I have not been able to get the topic off my mind. I left the conversation thinking, “Yes, of course,…[View Article]

Summer Prayers: Lord, send your power toward me!

Did you enjoy praying, “Lord, give me beautiful feet!” last week? I sure did! This week’s prayer inspiration springs from a Bible Study session that started at my church this week, The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer. I think it is going to be life-changing and have asked God to make it so. One…[View Article]

Summer Prayers: Lord, give me beautiful feet!

Summer has arrived! Neighborhood pools have opened. Squeals of delight fill the air as children enjoy the cool water of June before the brutal heat of August makes swimming feel much like taking a bath. Beach towels are scattered around my home as evidence that our family has been part of the pool festivities. Something…[View Article]

I had started to doubt His lavish love for me.

I had a scary moment a few months ago. I received word that I was being considered as a speaker for a Christian ladies event in September. Sounds good, right? Though I was cheered by the news, my first thought was: Oh no. Now my life is going to be really hard until September. I…[View Article]

Through the Eyes of a Lion: Book Review

  A sweet woman kindly reviewed my book earlier this year. Prior to seeing her blog post as a book review, it had never occurred to me to do the same for someone else. Today it’s my turn to do the same for pastor Levi Lusko, author of Through the Eyes of a Lion: Facing…[View Article]