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What do we do with our dreams?

I have been wrestling with God for a very long time about my dreams, and I will propose today that it’s okay to wrestle with God. Wrestling with God looks very different than fighting with God.  Wrestling features two individuals entwined in battle and both walk away at the end. Fighting involves two bloodied individuals…[View Article]

A little bit about myself…

I have noticed some new blog subscribers and wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to my expanding audience. A warm welcome to each of you! I have lived in Georgia for over 25 years, but my roots were in rural Pennsylvania. One evening at the age of twelve, while sitting under the stars…[View Article]

Keeping the Good and Adding More

Something amazing happened in my city over the new year. Did you hear? God packed out the Mercedes-Benz stadium with 65,000 college students for the Passion Conference 2020 SOLD OUT event. The talks are no longer available online, but the event was epic in size and eternal impact, for sure! Some years I have been…[View Article]

God Broke My Leg When Dan Died

This week I ran across these verses about God choosing King David to rule His people. King David started out life as a shepherd boy. He took David from tending the ewes and lambs and made him the shepherd of Jacob’s descendants–God’s own people, Israel. He cared for them with a true heart and led…[View Article]

The Glad and Sad of Mother’s Day

Before I got out of bed this past Thursday, I smiled toward heaven and prayed, “Good morning, Lord. I look forward to living the day! I have never lived May 9 before!” Then I stepped out of bed onto a wad of gum that adhered to the ball of my foot with super-glue grip. Only…[View Article]