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A Pet Peeve Prayer

I have been having a strong emotional reaction lately to a particular sentence when it is said during prayer before a group event. Lord, let at least one person be touched. One person?!! The second I hear that I start praying in my head, “Lord, touch every single person that comes tonight. Let every single…[View Article]

How did a high priest in Satanism answer?

Early this year I received a daily devotional in my inbox HERE from Freedom in Christ Ministries. Neil Anderson, the founder of this incredible ministry, shared that one of the most dramatic deliverances he has observed happened in a man who was a high priest in the upper echelons of Satanism. Neil writes, Six months…[View Article]

Don’t read the Bible…

Pray the Bible, instead! My son and I are currently reading through Matthew. We just started at the beginning and won’t stop until we finish. Each day we grab the next few verses in chronological order, discuss what they mean, pray, and then he leaves for school and I leave for work. It’s casual and…[View Article]

20/20 Vision

                                       Preparing for the New Year! Not only is 2020 a new year, it begins a new decade. Along with the typical commitments most of us make (like eating and exercise, spending more wisely, etc.), I wanted to do something extra special. Do you want to pray with me for 20/20 spiritual vision in the…[View Article]

Feeling Trapped? Feeling Small?

I feel trapped a lot. Are you feeling trapped too? Maybe it’s just my personality, or perhaps the lure of the world’s definition of success, but I have dreams of doing great things for God, my family, my neighborhood and the world. Yet most days I am found throwing in a load of laundry, wiping…[View Article]