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Why God Sometimes Makes Us Wait

Like millions of others, I am starting another one-year Bible reading plan. After two years of using the Chronological bible, I am back to the plan allows me to read a daily portion of the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs. Christians worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I am now reading…[View Article]

Souls are worth a great price.

Yesterday was the anniversary date of the death of Jim Elliot (October 8, 1927 – January 8, 1956). An American Christian missionary, he was one of five people killed while taking the message of Jesus to the unreached people group of the Waodoni tribe in Ecuador, which at the time were known as Aucas, meaning…[View Article]

How to Face the Year with Confidence

Yesterday, I posted THIS post about the reality that all years contain a mixture of good things and hard things. Depending on the level of “hard,” it can become difficult to maintain a heart of anticipation and joy about the future instead of dread about the trials to come. When I drove up the driveway…[View Article]

Reflections of 2021

Time to sleep. Each Christmas season I try to sleep on the couch one night in the bask of Christmas tree lights. Why? I find the gentle lighting soothing to fall asleep to, but more importantly, this is what I see when I open my eyes in the early morning. So peaceful. Time to thank….[View Article]

So Glad We Have a Choice

Last week’s blog post HERE was about two of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, kindness and goodness. This week I continue the theme by sharing Chapter 11 from Max Lucado’s book, When God Whispers your Name. My heart cries out in alignment. I choose! Perhaps your heart will cry out too. It’s quiet. It’s…[View Article]