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How can we trust again?

I describe Pharisees as the prideful (snobby) church leaders that enforced additional rules and responsibilities onto people that are not in the bible. Scribes also added many laws and traditions of their own. Jesus didn’t like either very much. The subtitle of Matthew chapter 23 is, Seven Woes to the Scribes and Pharisees. Referring to…[View Article]

We can’t judge, but God can.

I am not sure how many people watched Amy Coney Barrett get sworn in as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Barrett’s speech was succinct and educational as she addressed directly the criticisms and fears expressed about her predicted rulings on the Supreme Court. Part of what she said…[View Article]

When working hard doesn’t matter.

Sometimes students fight a low grade by saying, “But I worked so hard!” “Yes,” I think to myself, “but I am not grading your effort… I am grading how well you met the criteria of the assignment.” It is difficult to read the work of someone who clearly worked hard, but something from the instructions…[View Article]

God did not promise Dan a long life.

This week my teen-aged son entered my walk-in closet as I was doing some organizing. We were chatting about his day when suddenly he asked, “What is that?” I turned. “That is your Uncle Dan’s football jacket.” “Do you ever wear it?” “Yes, I put it on in the fall, especially in October. The anniversary…[View Article]

Why firefighters rush into the flames

Recently I listened to a Nothing is Wasted podcast. Davey Blackburn was interviewing a fireman named Jay Sautel. I was quite taken by a particular segment in which Jason describes… why firefighters risk their lives to enter a burning building. It might seem safer and equally effective to shoot water down onto the building from…[View Article]