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What do the heroes of the faith have in common?

We call them “giants” or “heroes” of the faith. In reading through the Bible so far this year, I have noticed they have something in common.  Can you see the common thread? Noah Noah did everything just as God commanded him. (Genesis 6:22) Noah did everything just as God commanded him. (Genesis 7:5) Abraham I…[View Article]

Are you trying too hard to live the Christian life?

Do you want to live a life that counts for God? Very soon after I became a Christian, I was taught how to share my faith with others. I shared my faith everywhere I went, led Bible Studies, was a leader in a Christian organization all four years of college and then went into full-time…[View Article]

Do we idolize marriage?

As I have been studying racial injustice intently for about a year now, my eyes have been opened to injustice in other areas too. There is to be no partiality in how we treat anyone because God shows no partiality. For God shows no partiality.  Romans 2:11 NIV One of the areas I have been…[View Article]

We are safe with God in charge.

Amy Cuddy is a social psychologist who gave a TED talk in October 2012 entitled, Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are. It has been viewed by over 60 million times on the TED website and over 19 million times on YouTube. You may view it HERE In short, when any of us expand…[View Article]

Pray one day at a time.

We have all heard the phrase, “Live one day at a time.” I don’t know about you, but I sometimes struggle to live this way. When there is something on the calendar that requires my preparation or leadership, half of my mind wants to remain preoccupied with  the  future. I have difficulty focusing fully on…[View Article]