Category: Spiritual Principles

We are Olympic Athletes

Opening ceremonies for the 2021 Olympic games are now in the history books. Let the games begin! The schedule is HERE. If you are a Christian, you are an Olympic athlete. I don’t care what your weight, physical abilities, or age, we are to have the mindset of a serious athlete. Do you not know…[View Article]

Do not quit!

Levi Lusko is one of my favorite authors and preachers. He commonly wraps his messages around historic events or wildlife. The illustrations tend to stick with me. Here is one he shared recently. I was struck with the importance of the message from a spiritual angle and thought you might enjoy it too. I want…[View Article]

I want people to see my roots.

This week I went on a silent retreat of sorts. One morning I received directions to hike to a waterfall and drove to the trailhead. As I started to make my way upward, I was captivated by what I saw on the path. As natural erosion occurred on the mountain, the root systems of the…[View Article]

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! I care about the United States of America. I care about the condition of our country and strive to pray for our leaders on a regular basis, but I care about people’s souls much more. I also care deeply about how well Christians are displaying the character of Christ, particularly as…[View Article]

Let’s slow the rush down.

I went to the post office this week and was there when it opened. I was the second person in line that day. This was going to be quick, I thought. This was the second of four errands before arriving home to start work. I only needed postage for a letter. The postage owed was…[View Article]