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When we hide from God for a while.

I have been more sad than usual. Not sure why. Nothing tragic is happening, but as Davey Blackburn says, sometimes it’s not the big things that get you down, but “1,000 paper cuts.” Lots of good things are happening in my life too, so I have been a bit embarrassed and even apologized to God…[View Article]

I am not generous.

Anyone who knows me knows I give money to the poor, to projects, to kids raising money, and to Kingdom work. I have always tagged funds as “Jesus money” and been pretty faithful to use those funds with intention. This summer our church group studied Jonah in The Prodigal Prophet, by Tim Keller. We took…[View Article]

The Secret of Living Mightily for God

I imagine a future moment when God turns us around in heaven to show us how He used our lives for His purposes. Surely, I am not the only one hoping to see He used me mightily, right? You hope the same. Yes, mightily. Like Abraham, Moses, David, Isaiah, Peter, Paul. Yes. I am that…[View Article]

Should we be afraid of Satan?

I walk almost every day. Recently I put on headphones, turned on a podcast, set my stopwatch and set off at a brisk pace. It wasn’t dark yet, so I could see the sidewalk clearly. I was listening to a podcast by Nothing is Wasted. Right when the guest was talking to the host, Davey…[View Article]

What if God doesn’t do what we want?

I was driving to get a haircut while listening to Kelly Streiff share her story HERE about giving birth to her daughter. The sweet child, had been “doing flips” throughout the pregnancy, but was born without a heartbeat. Take a necessary pause. Only six months past this devastating event, she shared on a Nothing is…[View Article]