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Is the church exhibiting faith firmly rooted? Are you?

Few people like roots. We appreciate their function but they are ugly and gnarly. Existing mostly underground, they are far less attractive than the plants they support. Even our beauty salons are filled with clients paying dearly to cover those gray roots, also considered by most to be far less attractive than our artificially colored…[View Article]

What is your ONE purpose in life?

This week I finished listening to Beth Moore’s four-part series entitled, Complicated. She did a great job of addressing how everything in our lives is complicated. Nothing is simple, is it? The conclusion of the series was Simplicity=One, the One being Jesus Christ, of course. At one point she asked her audience the following question:…[View Article]

Live like it’s stormy outside, even on a sunny day.

Last week a friend called in response to last week’s blog post HERE. We shared a giggle because I have such an intense personality. My soul resonates with visions of burning buildings and grimy, sweaty rescue workers living with a fervent sense of urgency. I want to go find the people, whereas she wants to…[View Article]

Don’t Let Summer Uproot You

There was a storm in the middle of the night this past Saturday. A deafening sound of wind woke me up and I stayed awake for a while as thunder and lightning yelled from the sky and wind and rain pummeled our property. Then yesterday, I noticed this fallen tree in our neighbor’s yard. Without…[View Article]

The Joy of One Day: The Secret of Staying Present

When my kids were little and we didn’t live in a neighborhood, the only way for any of us to have relationships was to schedule play dates and drive places in order to spend time with friends. One of my favorite hang-outs was at the Todd’s. Julie had five kids and was ahead of me…[View Article]