Category: Spiritual Principles

Apart from Him we can do NOTHING. Do we believe that?

I am on break between semesters. I love living my days without the clock ticking in my head, not having to have everything done by a certain time or accomplished within a specific time-frame. I have been especially enjoying my less rushed times with God. One morning this past week I was praying a prayer…[View Article]

The Ultimate Royal Wedding

 I was one of the three billion viewers yesterday who tuned in to watch Prince Harry and Meghan wed at their royal wedding televised around the world. What is it about weddings? What is it about a royal wedding, in particular? I can’t help but wonder if deep in the hearts of each one of…[View Article]

Is this saying worthy of its popularity?

Love the sinner; hate the sin. This cliché has gained traction in Christian circles lately, but does it deserve its frequent use? I am not so sure. Does it deserve it’s frequent use? This saying does not appear in the Bible, but many say it reflects the biblical principle found in Jude 1:22-23. In doing…[View Article]

I Don’t Want My Dreams To Come True

I have become a pretty intense follower of podcasts and in the ones I am listening to, a trend is occurring. Women are getting in touch with their dreams and following them. Most examples are things like starting that business, writing that book, or launching that podcast. Discussions about such dreams involve trusting God to…[View Article]

God customized you as His frame.

This week I was reflecting and praying about this principle: God has made us the perfect frame to do what He wants to do through each of us. Though Jesus is the same within all of us, when He is framed by our unique blend of physical appearance and personality, we can display Him differently…[View Article]