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Looking back on the year, the best decision I made for myself was purchasing The One Year Bible for 2019.

I was concerned about reading a segment from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs every day within a fifteen-minute time frame, thinking things would not feel cohesive. What ended up happening was being consistently surprised by how frequently the Old and New Testament segments dovetailed.

Another pleasant surprise occurred by switching translations. I do most of my serious bible study in the English Standard Version. Reading the Bible in different words than I am accustomed made the Bible leap off the page. Familiar stories in a new language became fresh again. The Bible was a joy to read all year long.

And yes, I am on track to read the entire Bible in a year. I expect to finish!

Now that the Christmas shopping has officially begun in full swing, I would like to offer my blog readers The One Year Bible as a gift. I will send The One Year Bible to the first three subscribers to comment with “Send me one!”

I look forward to blessing you.

In addition, I developed a prayer routine that I used alongside The One Year Bible all year long. You can see by the photo that I used it well and my prayer life improved as well.

I will send a fresh copy of the prayer along with The One Year Bible in case any portion of my personal prayer life can benefit you as well.

This Thanksgiving I wrote in my journal, “Thank you, God, for every good and perfect gift from above this year – both the few I noticed and the millions I missed.” I wonder how many times God has blessings ready to pour out on me and I forget to invite Him into my day. I also wonder how many times He blesses me and I miss it or give a distracted thank you. Reading my Bible and praying a prayer of confession, invitation and declaration nearly every day this year has allowed me to see Him more. Please join me in 2020 for a year of more intentional focus on giving God the room He needs to infiltrate our lives.

Let me send you a Bible plan and prayer template.

Picture Explanation: November 29 marks the day we adopted our sweet son. We kicked off this year’s celebration by attending the Saints v Falcons game on Thanksgiving! We had a blast. He’s been our son for 13 years and blesses us every day.

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