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Surviving Life’s Storms in 2019

So many of us rolled out of bed on the first day of 2019 and life was hard already. Our circumstances were the same as they were the day before. Nothing had changed while we slept. What now? How do we live through the storm? How do we keep from drowning in the waves washing over…[View Article]

A New Year’s Resolution Guaranteed to Work

Wrap up 2018. Whether you are a New Year’s resolution person or not, most of us think about what kind of year 2018 has been, even if for a few minutes. I usually spend 30 minutes tying up the current year before crossing the threshold into the next one. I write a list of the…[View Article]

What do we do with the mix of family feelings?

Our Thanksgiving guests just left our driveway, all wrapped up in my prayers for a safe trip home. This year the visit was particularly good, ending with two fiery rounds of Sequence with Grandma-Grandma around the kitchen table amidst large amounts of friendly banter and laughter. The visits eventually end, however, then what?  As we…[View Article]

Is prayer ever a waste of time?

     …pray without ceasing,  (Thessalonians 5:17) I pray. I pray ludicrous prayers. I pray my dreams. I pray my fears. I read God’s word aloud so He remembers what He promised (wink) while I also remember what He says. Sometimes I cry like a baby and other times I smile as I write entries in…[View Article]

Keep Praying Until You Can Face The Trouble

In this year’s Easter readings, I was struck with something new as I read about Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane. To set the stage, just before Jesus was arrested to be crucified, Jesus took with him Peter, James and John and “began to be sorrowful and troubled.” Jesus was visibly upset. He then…[View Article]